Kima Surfboards

All boards are handcrafted from start to finish.  Every phase is intentionally made with attention to detail.  Using sustainably farmed Paulownia wood & eco friendly materials each board is meticulously designed & crafted with attentiveness, passion, care & respect for the environment.



How can we make a difference as surfers

What does it mean to be sustainable

As surfers we are well aware of oceanic sustainability issues such as water quality, pollution & conflicts over coastal development around our coastlines. There are also sustainability issues associated with the very equipment needed to participate in a surfing lifestyle.

Choosing surfboards that are manufactured using sustainable materials, such as paulownia wood, cork, reclaimed or recycled blank cores & natural fibres ensures that we are making conscience decisions to be more enviromently friendly.

At Kima we care & respect our environment. We only use sustainable materials & methods.

Manufacturing Process

At Kima we use exclusively certified renewable paulownia & birch wood, 100% recycled EPS and eco-friendly raw materials by some of the best companies in the industry.

Greek gods & goddesses

A proudly Greek company “KIMA” literally meaning Wave each board represented by a Greek god or goddess symbolised by the characteristics of the board.

What Kima stands for

Kima Wooden Surfboards was created with the conscious surfer in mind.  

The brand represents an awareness to a healthy lifestyle of balanced body, mind, emotional & spiritual well being.

This way of living brings a mindfulness to ourselves our behaviour & how we care for the environment.