Born in South Africa to Greek parents and living a large part of my formative years on the island of Crete meant that I have been drawn to the sea from a young age.  My love for surfing only came at a much later stage in my life when I moved to Cape Town.  

I worked in a High Performance environment as a Strength & Conditioning trainer across many different sport codes for 25 years.  I was fortunate to also work with Paralympic & Olympic athletes.  At some point I made the decision to return to the place of my childhood.  The island of Crete where I had my most fondest memories from my youth.  I was searching for a simpler way of life.  

Whilst adjusting to my new life in Greece it was a perfect opportunity for me to do what I had been wanting to do for a long time, make my own wooden surfboard.  I completed an apprenticeship in wooden surfboard shaping.  A creative spark was ignited in me & that is where the idea of KIMA WOODEN SURFBOARDS was born. 

Building surfboards from wood has bought out my craftsmanship that mostly likely was inherited from my grandfather who was a carpenter.